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Zip it up /w source [.DLL]
Well lately I have been programming a lot. I love to do it. So I thought since I found an amazing source code of how to zip files I would release, but then I got the idea to make it into a .DLL. I did that for simplicity and to show you guys some more about Dlls and how they work. I am very new to them as well, but I decided to share what I know with you guys. So here is a download link to the .Dll.

Click here to download the DLL.
Source at bottom.

Please note I do not take credit for the source, but I do take credit for implementing it into a .DLL.

Here is an example of how to use the .DLL;
First add the .dll as a reference.
Also you must add Windowsbase.dll (Should be in the .net tab) as a reference
Now here is a bit of source that is commented.

'Create or open the .zip for writing or reading, and also it specifies the path
Dim zip As Package = ZipPackage.Open(curdir & "\",
IO.FileMode.OpenOrCreate, IO.FileAccess.ReadWrite)
sub main()
'This is the actually writes the file into the .zip.
Zipitup.AddToArchive(zip, "C:\file.txt")
Also note there is 5 different compression types;
  • Max
  • Normal
  • Fast
  • Superfast
  • None

Source here.
Looks good thanks for the share, dll's are easy to use, they are class files. I usually use them when I make like custom buttons and stuff.
~ Digital-Punk
Is there any way we can unzip the file instead of just zipping it up?
Can you post some screenies of this pls?

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