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The Ultimate iDevice Tutorial
I've been working on a tutorial for iDevices that will be massive and cover everything. Help me by providing feedback!
One thing I can't figure out is how people make their posts not automatically merge. I need to know how so this tut will work!!

[Image: u0KaC.png]
This tutorial will cover everything about iDevices, jailbreaking them, and more.
Let's go.
1) What is an iDevice?
2) What is jailbreaking? D3
3) What is unlocking?
4) How do I jailbreak or unlock my device?
5) Could I come across an error while jailbreaking or unlocking my device?
6) What are the different kinds of iTunes error codes encountered while downgrading/upgrading my iOS firmware?
7) What can I do with a jailbroken iDevice? d3
8) What are iPhone themes? d3
9) How do I get free App Store or Cydia apps?
10) What kinds of programs are good for jailbreaking? d3
11) What kinds of communities exist for talk about iDevices? d3
12) Can I get a virus on a jailbroken or unlocked iDevice?
13) Do I put myself at other risks by jailbreaking/unlocking my device? d3
14) What is Apple's view of jailbreaking?
15) What happens if my device suddenly stops working or if I get a problem with it?
16) What kind of apps are recommended for a jailbroken iDevice? d3
17) READ 16

[Image: 7DRGf.png]
An iDevice is an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. They run the Apple iOS software, which is a UNIX based interface built off of the Mac OS X in addition to the former. It was originally unveiled on January 9, 2007, and released in June of that year. At first, it was called the iPhone OS to be generic, but when iOS 4 rolled around it was renamed iOS to give the operating system a better name. There have been multiple 'generations,' or hardware/software/external revisions of the original product, or releasing thereof. Such generations include the iPhone 1G, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (and maybe the iPhone 4S/5;) the iPod touch 1G (abbreviated iTouch,) iTouch 2G, iTouch 3G and iTouch 4G; the iPad 1G- WiFi Model & 3G Model, and iPad 2G- WiFi Model and 3G Model.
[Image: QRCjW2pNdRK00.gif]
Looks great! And it looks like you have put a lot of time into it! If it's an eBook I think you should sell it since it seems like you put so much effort into it! Don't know about seperating posts! But it looks great!
If you don't want each post to merge, you have to post your part, have a friend post his part, then post your part, have a friend post his part, etc.
And then report his replies so they get deleted for LQ : )

Good luck!
I might be late though.

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