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[Think You're Infected?! LOOK HERE] Infested Cleaner [White Hat Heper]
Click anywhere in the thread to download or click here.
[Image: DsuTN.png]
[Image: ec3di.png]
[Image: 9lFuP.png]


Credits to Aeonhacks for GUI of program
So anyone have any thoughts on this program?
Would KIS,MBAM,Spybot and SpywareBlaster be enough protection?

Thanks in advance.


Ran it in sandboxie just to test, the program itself is clean. The program does do what it says and is actually quite good. Smile
Erm, okay?
Thanks, I am not infected but this will help me a lot, am downloading it now, will save it on my computer!
I would rather just download a trusted security tool instead of something like this. It's a nice thought though.
This is a great program... thanks Infested! Big Grin
[Image: QRCjW2pNdRK00.gif]
GREAT! I'll surely download this now.
I've had this program on my computer for ages and it works when I need it to. I think I have a different version of this one though since on mine it has a check box for advanced botkill and 5 tabs at the top to navigate to the different sections.
[Image: 45031719.jpg]
I haven't updated it on SF yet but I just did right now. I hope you guys enjoy!

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