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Sharing C++ ebooks ! Get them now !!
started a new project recently and it would be very helpfull I would be glad to return a favor =D
slowly getting better
Sent you a private message , enjoy the eBooks bro ! = )
Learning C++. One Ebook would be great. Thanks.
[Image: ifloog.jpg]

Can I get these books please, Im still c++ at the moment. Thanks in advance.
~ Digital-Punk
Sending you the links now , make sure to check your inboxs Smile
I am thinking about start learning C++ in the future, so they would be very usefull for me, so i would love to get them
Thanks in advance.
Hope the offer is still valid. I'm currently learning C++ and could use all the help I can get.
Can I have this ebook? Thank you so much!

I would love to have these, as I was always really interested in C++. Can I have them, Please.

-Thanks mate(:
[Image: inm4jO.png]
[ AIM: YoRelapse | Gamertag: N/A | MSN: ]
Would love to get these books, have partially learned c++ and would love to finish the things im missing

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