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My 2000 Camry
(07-28-2011, 07:28 AM)Jacko Wrote: Looks pretty good man, good luck with your car.

Thanks, can't wait 'til I get some cash to blow so I can start doing some of these mods Big Grin
You said that you knew someone would say it, and you were right. I smell ra ra ra rice Nono Though, everyone in entitled to their own opinion, so rice on!
A lot of ambition but if you follow through then that will be amazing! Good luck!
[Image: lovelife.png]
Good luck with that! Im in need of a car. Confused
It's a nice car don't get me wrong. But I wouldn't be putting all those aftermarket parts on a camry. Waste of money In my opinion. There pieces of crap that will only really last a while If you drive like a grandma. Slow and steady. Other than that there good on petrol and they get the job done so I'm not hating.
nice looking car mate well done

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