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What is your favorite TV show ?
The Office US, it's the crap! Big Grin
Mine would have to be Lost atm.
I am up to season 2 and it just gets more and more intense as it goes.
I know this show is kind of old but since I have Netflix I am able to watch all 130 episodes or however many their are.

For a show like lost...once I am through with it does anyone have any suggestions what else may be LIKE this show that I would like? Much appreciated thanks!
[Image: odILW.png]
My favorite show[s] would have to be Flashpoint or Southland.
Also love to watch rookie blue and Whale wars.
My favorite show(s) are SpongeBob Squarepants, South Park, Family Guy(have all episodes on my PS3), and Bleach.

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