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Opinion on weed?
I've tried weed once and it was an amazing experience. Haven't done it in over a year though. Willing to try it again soon.
I have never tried it, and I don't have friends that do it, so I think I'm going to stay on the safe side for a while.
Yea, it should be legal alcohol is worse, so why is alcohol legal and not weed?
(08-13-2011, 11:54 PM)nomomydont Wrote: DO NOT SMOKE POT> If you do, you will become addicted to Heroin and prostitutes befor your untimely death in prison.

You're an idiot.

Yes, I think it should be legalized. It does a lot less harm than some of the legal stuff currently.
Weed should be legal, because ciggarets are freakin legal lol.
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Some people here say weed is not a drug, I would agree. But we can not deny there is chemicals in weed that are just as bad as drugs.. THC... lets further discuss what is actual thc and what it does to the brain.
THC, is an extremely powerfull intoxicant. It affects changes and damages brain cells controlling thinking, emotion, pleasure, coordination, mood and memory. The pituitary gland is also damaged which regulates hunger, thirst, blood pressure, sexual behavior and release of sex hormones.

THC accumlates in the microscopic spaces inbetween nerve cells in the brain called synapses this clogging interferes by slowing and impairing transfer of critical information. Long term use causes the brain to stop production of brain chemicals necessary to "feel good"
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