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Hi All,

I am currently in year 10 and the school I am at fails.

Personally I HATE it. I cannot move now as it is too late anyway. The school sucks in every way. One way is a failiure to alert people about GSCE's.

Because of their failiure, I have not been educated on anything to do with GSCE's and the way they work. I have no idea what Theory is, Coursework, and all the other types of work are.

Can someone please explain them? Teachers are too busy for me and the internet like wikipedia lies.

Depending on the subject there may be coursework which goes towards your overall mark.
Subjects such as Geography, History, Maths, any IT course and English will have coursework.
The coursework in some subjects can be worth more than the actual exam such as IT coursework.
Just do your best in all coursework and study hard for your exams.

Your school may require you to get certain grades in your GSCE's to be able to come back and study for A-levels.
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I don't know what Coursework is, as described by first post.
Coursework can be a variety of different things.
For subjects such as English it will mainly be essays.

You can also have things like evaluations, presentations, reviews of a books.
Coursework can be practical work too such as in IT where I remember I had to create a website in Frontpage.
Also debates sometimes in English.
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