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Ubuntu virus protection
(10-16-2009, 10:57 AM)MreGSX Wrote: It's true, you really don't need an anti-virus or firewall on Linux. If you're really worried and think you need one your choices are really limited. But really, you don't have anything to worry about.

Yes you do. You can still get hacked and infected. I recomend you have a router, freebsd firewall, and ClamAV
Quote:Yes you do. You can still get hacked and infected. I recomend you have a router, freebsd firewall, and ClamAV

A firewall is necessary, but ClamAV? I've been told multiple times you only need it if you're using Linux to run a server.
Firewall is absolutley needed but comes packed default guys. Shorewall.
Its just the front end you want. And firestarter is a good tool for this.
Not good for KDE though. You just need to set up the permissions a bit if you use firestarter and its fine. Great for monitoring your traffic to and from your system also.
As for av. Dont bother mate. Not needed.
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Ya. I would say just a firewall. You won't have viruses. like NEVER. But a firewall is good to know who the fudge is connecting to you. Big Grin
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People say don't, but you'd be surprised how many times it comes in handy.
With Ubuntu? lol, no. It dosen`t come in handy. Mac MAYBE. Windows of course!
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(10-16-2009, 12:27 PM)fade Wrote: Linux uses a kernel.

And Windows doesn't?
[Completely Honest. Seriously.]

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Ubuntu comes with iptables set default to deny. It is a CLI firewall essentially. No need for anything else really.

You can add a frontend and play:

But that's really if you are operating as a server. If you are a desktop, you don't need to bother. And yes as people say, clamav and other antivirus software for Linux are just there to help you if you are a server processing emails for Windows computers.

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