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XYZ Dragon Cannon with Metal Morph
I'd write down every single password onto a piece of paper. The I'd put it in a box, bury it in the ground and set up clues all over the world. I'd go to my eldest child and say to him.

"The day I die, read this letter."

Then the day I die I'll know I've caused some headaches and hopefully he/she will be able to find my passwords.

(I will be dropping hints for them to remember of course. But if that fails they can be solved.)
Myself, and probably the guy typing this, so. Myself.
I would tell my children my passwords.
I'm be playing videogames in hell.
Nobody. Nobody has my full trust in this life.
Family and friends I supose unless there is something I don't want them see. Tongue
[Image: burninglove4.png]
I would take all my Passwords to the grave with me.

Except my Paypal. I would give that to my family.
[Image: ZOuHf.png]
Red Bull Racing
before i die , I want give my passwords at my girlfriend :p or a good friend at me
The only person I care about in this world.
[Image: iTijPACh1qYlA.png]
Personal Blog | Forever and Always <3 Mell
I would tell my brother and sister.

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