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XYZ Dragon Cannon with Metal Morph
I would tell my bro. Well cause he's my bro!
I'd give them to my girlfriend and my brother. Nobody else would want them.
Ill tell no one,this might change in the future though.
This makes me think of my uncle, he had a level 136 Runescape account and he died last year, none of my family know his password.
When you die, a microchip that was implemented in your head when your born activates. It gets sent to all the sites you signed up on, and closes the account.

I would first change it, then tell it to my girlfriend.
will put no passwords bro. I dont have anything to put Tongue
My TECH Blog:-
Probably nobody, what's the point?
[Image: eBsyR.png]
Need any GFX done? Drop me a PM!
They're going to my grave with me.
I would not tell anyone at all. I don't want anyone to be using my stuff and mess with other people.
I'd probably just type them in on this site and let you guys all have at it.

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