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XYZ Dragon Cannon with Metal Morph
I wouldn't give my passwords to anyone , they'd just leech off of my hard work. :/
I will never tell anyone my passwords..
Before i die, I would probably tell a family member my passwords.
I would probably tell my best friend, because nobody in my family knows anything at all about computers and such.
[Image: 0xWVt.png]
Being a one-man webdesign company with my own hosting, that question has crossed my mind too as you can imagine. Smile I guess either someone would have to take over or at least help my clients move elsewhere. But somebody will need root access to my server. Of course, 'telling it before you die' suggests you somehow see it coming. Instead I'll just leave a document with some important information. Still have to do that though, I guess I should stop pushing my luck. ;)

There is of course the facebook thing too. There is a solution though, I've noticed in my newsfeed that some people have an app on their iphone that measures their heartbeats and posts it as fb status. Utterly useless, but I guess that could be configured to post some important information on your wall if your heartbeat turns out to be zero.. Smile
Probly my family,
i'd prob just give all my accounts to my cusion
he loves geting new accounts lolololol
I will not, I would let my passwords die with me, saying that half my mates know my passwords anyway lol

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