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XYZ Dragon Cannon with Metal Morph
Anonymous. Was. here.

I know, it's funny. But he was here.
If I die I won't tell my passwords to anyone, kind of hard to do when I'm dead.
(01-11-2011, 03:55 PM)Swat Runs Train Wrote: If I die I won't tell my passwords to anyone, kind of hard to do when I'm dead.

I meant before XD haahahah lol scratch that!
[Image: t5BWm.png]
Interesting topic and it made me think for a moment. I have made many online friends that I consider true friends but have not really gone outside of that medium in regards of telling my friends that I live around and would wonder how people would get in contact with them if I were to decease. I go out of my way to password protect just about everything and research the best ways to do so. I was in a car accident in December of last year that almost killed me so this subject hits a little close to home right now... I reached out to all my online friends and let them know what had happened and that I was ok, but how would that happen in my absence? Thank you OP for giving me a thought to make sure these considerations are taken into consideration. Last I checked, none of us are immortal. If you are, drop me a line. I think I could deal with being immortal...
Nobody will ever know my passwords.
Kinda hard for someone to remember fcb435cb1accb69254b7e848c949a319.....oops Roflmao
But on a serious note I'll probably tell my kids.
It will stay confidential.
You and only you my friend.
No but seriously i would tell my brother my password for everything.
[Image: breaky.png]
Probably no one.
Awesome this subject was on my head for awhile
I had to post it (I have interesting thoughts Big Grin)
[Image: t5BWm.png]

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