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Need Gaming Laptop.
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a gaming laptop, and I found one on Kijiji around my price range. I'm trading other electronics, such as an Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB and some other stuff, and Cash for this.

Intel Core 2 Duo
GTX 260M
15.6 Full HD 1080p Screen

He's asking for $850, my brother said pay $700 max for it, since gaming laptops get outdated in like a year.

How much worth of stuffz should I offer?
Yes it is true that most gaming laptops get outdated within 1 year, but they can be used for almost 5-7 years after production when they become completely "useless".
I would say just go ahead and get the laptop.
Unless you want to wait about 25 years where some computer/gaming technology can no longer be improved.

Edit: I would have to agree with your brother and pay $700 maybe $750.
Thank you ⓢⓤⓕⓕⓘⓒⓔ for the only serious reply on this thread.

I forgot to add, that the internal speakers don't work. He says they can probably be fixed by just fixing the drivers or something.

Any other opinions?

Blacklite, gtfo off my thread, please.
If the laptop does not have working internal speakers I would say $700 is a decent price.

I would first try to research what is wrong with the speakers and try to fix it myself.
It could be as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling the sound drivers for the laptop.

If you have some money left over you could always buy some portable external speakers or some decent headphones.
$700 for that laptop is over priced IMO. Core 2 Duo's are wayyy out of date; if you live in America you can get a laptop with an i5 in it for $850 that will way out perform that laptop you have listed. If I were you I'd use Newegg instead of buying from this guy. You'll get a better price guaranteed.
Check out Acer laptops.
If you want a good gaming laptop look there.
There are some great acer laptops that you could buy. Good for gaming.
Buy one from alienware if you have the money.
You should just buy a gaming PC, more for the money.
"Why judge a life you can't change?"
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Wait, you're trading your Xbox and paying 700? That doesn't sound right..

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