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[TuT]How To Prevent Password Stealers
This is c/p from hf.
Tutorial On How To Prevent Password Stealers.

Note: Credits to w4r3zh4ck and SlimDeath

Today the most common thing for a hacker is to steal your passwords on various applications such as FireFox, MSN, XFire etc. Antiviruses doesn't work always, as hackers crypt their stealers with undetectable crypters and antiviruses don't detect them. So instead antivirus we are going to use firewall!

How password stealers work ?

They bind stealers into keygens or applications and once the application is executed, the stealer is also executed in hidden mode. Then the stealer finds it's target like the folder where all firefox passwords are stored, then decrypts the passwords and sends them to the attacker's FTP.

What we need

As i said above we need a good firewall. One of the best firewall is Comodo. By the way you can use Windows Firewall with Advanced Security by Microsoft, but this only works in Windows Vista or Windows 7.


1. Comodo Internet Security
Download the latest Comodo from the above link and install it. Don't uncheck the firewall option !!

After you install it, reboot your PC. Now set the Firewall Security Level to Custom Policy Mode (as shown in the image).

After you've done that, you must create application rules in order to access the internet. To do that, open up Comodo and go to: Firewall -> Define a New Trusted Application. Now make rules for your applications that need internet access.

2. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
This only works in Windows Vista and Windows 7 !!!
Now go to start and type: wf.msc
After opening it, you must block all outbound connection. To do that open up Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and click properties.

Now make sure that the 3 sections outbound connection is set to Blocked.

After that you need to create application rules in order to access internet. To do that, go to Outbound Rules and make new rule as shown on the image.

Thats it! Big Grin
Say at least a thanks ..
P.S You can use other firewall..i used this as example
That's really weird,Ninja
Nice tut I will try this when I get on my computer
My profession, you can call me a pothead, 'nuff said
good thread.
very informative.
thanks for the share.
[Image: 3dtextven0mhf.png]
You can also use KeyScrambler, to prevent your actual keystrokes from being logged.
(11-23-2010, 08:40 PM)Guest Wrote: Alright, did the 'Support' get removed from SupportForums?
You're not a good Emotional Helper.
I like using keyscrambler as well as a good firewall. Very good and informative thread though.
[Image: dHtHt.png]

Learning C++
Good tutorial but the images got taken away, try uploading them somewhere else, like imageshack. Regardless, great job Smile
^^ "MattG" said what I was suppose to say. Big Grin
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you could also install your applications directly to C:\
slowly getting better
That's pretty interesting, I thought stealers only caught passwords if they are saved.
Very nice thread. I've always wondered whats really like the basis to prevent yourself from getting all of your passwords stealed. I definitely wasn't doing anything listed in this thread, but I definitely will now.

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