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Welcome to Support Forums
Thanks for the share ..
- I'm new at this site, so i find this information very nice to know Big Grin
Looks like a very nice thread,even though im new i will try to follow all the rules.
I will follow the rules i just joined these forums seem fun.
thanks for that im new and i just joined helped alot
Nice, Nice. Looks great,. It represents the whole forum.
thanks, this really gave me a lot of information.

I have one question though... about "Advertising (+10 points)"

Does this mean we are not allowed to shorten links with if the links contain usefull information ?

usefull information = information that could solve another members problem.
Thanks for writing it up, nice formatting and all. Smile
Sorry you're limited to one url link per post until you've made more than 10 total posts
nice posting..........................................
now who bumped this age old thread??
[Image: 3dtextven0mhf.png]

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