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My Introduction (Updates-New)

[Image: 1-35.png]

Hello, everyone I though I'd take abit of my time, to make a decent Introduction *Once again*. Here I will, try and explain abit about me, I don't want to go into great details, as I don't want anyone knowing to much about me as that would just be Darn right stupid!

I come from a Black-Hat/Whte-Hat/Grey-Hat forum, for you people who don't know what that mean. I'm not a Black-Hat like a killer.. or a villain, I'm talking about Hacking, Black-Hats. For example, Sqli Injection, Botnets, Ddosing, Exploits and so on.... But don't worry, I'm not here to target people, or target the site. Infact, I'm more or less, a Grey-Hat now, which bassically means, I help people, with there computer problems... But I protect my self from Hackers too.

The site I come from, is a big community not just full of Hackers, it has a wide option, of things to learn on there. Such as coding, css coding... Gfx Graphics, and much more. Yes, for most of you guy's who guessed, the site is

I'm a fairly decent guy, If you respect me I'll respect you. If you need any help what so ever, feel free to PM me on here and I will reply back ASAP.

So anyway... enough of that, let's get on.

[Image: intro1.png]

Well as I've stated before, My name is Will I like to keep a nice clean name. I'm 18 year's old.... Left school at a pretty early age, which was 15. After leaving school, I went straight to college and there I was studying IT. After spending 1 Year in college, I was Jobless for about 3 months, then I joined the army, as a *Welsh Guard Infantry Soldier* I'm still in the army, ( On terms of leaving right now ). I can't lie I did gain allot there, we traveled to France wich was amazing, went to the D-Day landings, went to Omaha beach bassically, all over France actually was the best 2 weeks, of my life.
I live in a small country called *Wales* which is very close to England, Wales is in the UK. We do speak, a different language which is known as *Welsh* you really, wouldn't understand a word I said, if I was speaking Welsh ( Unless you speak/understand Welsh obviously* I'm about 6'1 I love piercings, and tattoos if it wasn't for my Job state... I'd be covered in them Ha! Anyway, that's enough of About me.

[Image: intro2.png]

I love, hanging out with my friends having a laugh like we always do, I enjoy chatting to people from all over the world, wether it's typing to them, or speaking on mic! I just love accents HaHa. I enjoy, playing my xbox360, MW2 is my game Tehe. Uhm, I enjoy to sit back have a Joint, and listen to some Damien Marley, Trance, and Dubstep. I couldn't live without music life would be so boring! I love entertaining people, making them smile/laugh... I enjoy confusing people too, do I sound sick in the head saying that? HaHa.

[Image: intro3.png]

Uhm... dislikes? Well, if you're on my Hate list... I feel sorry for you, as I'm a rather snidey person... If someone, buggers me around I'll make sure I bugger you around 10x more. I really dislike arrogant people, c0cky people... People who bassically, think there all it. It's like... wow, give the hell up, it get's you know where in life acting like that. Hmm... One person I hate.. so bad would be the utube legend FRED... Yes, I just said FRED. I know.. most people like this guy, but I have serious issue's with him... I know, his video's are an act.. but they just go straight through me.. Infact, I've not watched his videos for awhile.. Nor do I intend on
doing that either.

[Image: intro4.png]

I like, to keep into shape... I love keeping fit, I just couldn't imagen my self, doing nothing all day! I'm a pretty active person, I love canoeing, climbing, running, bmxing. Best of all, is scooba diving, It may sound pathetic and boring, but believe me It's actually really good fun, just watching the sea life swim by it's like WOW. I guess... I could call, coding a hobbie, and playing on my computer, I'm a wizz on computers! You may not realise that, but one day... I want to do something really big Ha.

[Image: intro5.png]

Ok, well I don't have any recent pictures, So I'll just upload old-ish ones.

[Image: abc.png]

[Image: ab.png]

Well, I think I've honestly... Spent my time on making a decent introduction here, I hope you guy's enjoy reading it... Hope you wasn't too bored. Thanks again, if you have any problems feel free to PM me.

Welcome to the community, Will. Scuba diving is an awesome activity, how did you get started?

Perhaps you can upload pictures in our Pets and Animals section, I'm sure it would be fascinating to see.
nice updated thread (:

lol i like the 2nd pic uve posted: good times Tongue
[Image: LiGzX.png]

Good luck not getting banned from Support Forums, Omniscient hates you badly.
Oh, hello Will. How have you been buddy?

(11-10-2010, 07:39 AM)Currymanz Wrote: Good luck not getting banned from Support Forums, Omniscient hates you badly.

Past is the past I suppose. He can't be much of a threat around here for certain reasons.
i agree the past is the past, i always believe in second chances (:
[Image: LiGzX.png]

That was the past.
Don't just say that Omni "Hates" him.
You aren't Omni.
Therefor you have no say in what he "Hates".
I have seen a few negative posts from you Currymanz.
Aren't you banned on HackForums?
That's what I thought.
- Shock!
(11-10-2010, 03:16 PM)Shock Wrote: That was the past.
Don't just say that Omni "Hates" him.
You aren't Omni.
Therefor you have no say in what he "Hates".
I have seen a few negative posts from you Currymanz.
Aren't you banned on HackForums?
That's what I thought.

I'm actually going to agree with Currymanz. Omni, does hate me Omni has told me that before, to but why should me joining here bother him :S?

I'm not sorry for what I did, I wont be doing it ( around here ) ( or members here ) so to me, that's fine. Ty for this Shock man.
Welcome to / This is not like hackforums. This is a website to help other members.

Please read the rules first here.

And if you would like to contribute more by becoming a mod Click here

Hope you have a nice time here Thumbsup

P.S - Great intro, will give +1 once I can rep again.

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