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The Tallest Man On Earth
What do you guys think?
I love his voice and his guitar.
[Image: pineapple.gif]
Oh, I thought you was going to post a picture of a really tall person xD
But no this music isn't for me unfortunately.
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LOL at this thread, i though some big pictures would been unleashed.
Change the Thread name please. Cause it's not en lighting what is this thread about.
My TECH Blog:-
The captures in the videos were enough for me.
Not into that style of music. Hell cant say i know anyone that is.
The Rules!
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I thought this thread would contain a picture of a really tall guy lol.
And the Winner of the most misleading thread title goes too... Big Grin

Anyway I don't really like this, not enough going on.
Yes, it was a very missleading title lol

But yeh, i dont like the music
I'm not too fond of it either, It's not my thing though.
[Image: FILE.php]
First passed PL on SF.
I didn't tried listening to him, I actually didn't listen to that kind of music, it's just not my thing.

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