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Hottest movies of 2010
The film 2012 was quite gay, Inception was good, 127 hours was good, most of the comedys are Big Grin
Best movie i think in 2010 was The Social Network.
Unstoppable is great.
(10-23-2010, 06:40 PM)Hustler Wrote: In your opinion, what are the hottest movie of 2010. This year has been a big hit for new movies, I could name dozens off the top of my head that I would rate eight out of ten. Here are some of the movies that I believe were the absolute biggest hits of 2010.

-Toy Story 3
-The Town
No no!

The Social Network was th greatest from all these 3 you stated.

I have yet to see Inception, but The Town was sick.
I loved the concept in it.

I need to watch Toy Story 3 as well, I heard it's good. I used to be an avid Toy Story fan when I was a kid.
[Image: baked1.png]
My brother watched Inception.. He told me it's a very good movie. I did not watch it.
127 Hours, Inception, The Social Network and True Grit.

I think the social network was under-rated. The lead actor, playing Mark Zuckerberg
was excellent.

For me :-
Inception , 127 Hours , The Social Network Smile
All movies after 2009 sucked. Unfortunatley. Well, that's my opinion.

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