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How/Why do/did you choose your Username?
'coz it sounds cool, to me at least.
[Image: eBsyR.png]
MSN - wormaghd@hotmail.com
Need any GFX done? Drop me a PM!
This name has a lot of meaining to it, look up things that have the word rain in them and royal
I'm happy. I'm a lovely boy, that's why I chose my username.
I became acquainted with Anarchist political views, so I automatically picked this name since it was at the top of my head. A lot of people think it's cheesy, but whatever. People will be prejudice.
I got my username from Bleach the anime series Tongue
Haven't got a freaking idea D: seriously
When I first chose my username suffice it just sounded cool, but now when I pick picture my username I see something coming up from the ground.
Well, I started off as bukomao77, the same user name I have in HF. But I figured that people here are a little more friendly and accommodating; not to mention more civilized. So I made my user name a little more personal or human by removing the buko (which means coconut) and 77. Mao is what my friends call me.
Quote:My religion tells me that God made the universe. My science tells me how.

[Image: 034_p16.jpg]
My username is a wee nickname that my BF calls me. Big Grin However on HF I'm War_Witch XD

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