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Post your desktop
[Image: 2uti9gp.png]
[Image: Scarface.jpg]
[Image: screenshot20091009at224.jpg]
[Image: untitled-1.jpg]
I'm putting mine in a spoiler because my desktop is 1920x1080. Yay 1080p!

[Image: 3djdbar2notglowing.png]
You are now blown away by my new desktop.

[Image: 2d7fvqe.jpg]
[Image: MreGSXsigcopy.png]

Here's my desktop from a few minutes ago

[Image: w9xopi.png]
[Image: 29ol3br.png]
[Image: 72197d65.jpg]
[Image: 28b72ba.png]
[Image: 21agtg7.jpg]
Do you know how to make games? Do you know 3d Modeling? If so then visit
[Image: logo.png]
Windows XP:

[Image: og2nj9t03ftghobe3gie.png]

All the squares on the quick launch are programs that i use often, i just changed the icons. I like to keep things basic and neat. I have the taskbar set to auto hide, i ran the mouse over it so you could see what it looked like.

Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04

[Image: jsf2kldj9tt0wz0uyzfi.png]


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