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Post your desktop
Some repeated info on the side bar, but it's just filler.

Actually at Univ
in some hours my desktop
[Image: zbacklash11.png]
(10-04-2009, 10:59 PM)Elektrisk Wrote:

[Image: 30j0n84.png]

It's actually an audio recording of a friend who spoofed his caller ID on Skype and called the police, thereby causing a SWAT team to be dispatched to an old lady's house, because she supposably had a shotgun to her granddaughter's head.

Quote:Bad vvv

It can actually be somewhat annoying Tongue
I got a nice low resolution laptop screen =).


I didn't want to post my desktop but here it is.

Not the best in the world but then again, it isn't the worst.

I'll post one of my laptop when I get time.
[Image: 3326yvl.jpg]

[Image: desktopro.png]
This took me ages editing it a bit with GIMP lol.
[Image: mint.png]

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