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Who the heck am I?
(03-25-2012, 01:08 AM)1op Wrote: Welcome to your own forum Omniscient!
I was apart of Hack Forums.

Was? Is that a good thing or bad?
Sounds like you got banned there, so you came here.
Anyway, Omniscient, I live so close to you.
ahhh so your the creator of some amazing mybb mods ! nice you seem like a good person but u seem angry on hf lol there is so many members there u will be going round in circles all time lol
That was a nice read, thanks for letting us know a little bit about yourself and how you live.
I bow to the master, furthermore don't you think it's time to update your age ;)

I kid. I kid Smile
Welcome to SF Omni.
It's where I'll be for now on.
hey everyone! glad to be a part of a greater whole
Hey there, downpoor. Welcome to SF!
[Image: 7AqFN0N.gif]
Welcome to SuportForums, owner. Haha!
Do you still play Fantasy Football? I never knew that.
My name is Amey Arora. I live in India. I basically got the link to this forum from HackForums On Omni's Profile Big Grin

I've Been A Good Social Media Promoter & Service Provider Since 2 Years. Still Planning To Continue The Business & Earn Alot From This Forum Also Big Grin

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