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Disallow Lockerz
Seriously, they are just so annoying. There are like 6 threads about lockerz already in the week (or something like that) that SF has been open. I think we should either totally disallow Lockerz all together or at least make a rule like if you get 20 refs then you can't make another thread for a year or something.

I say there should be no threads on it. However I have no problem with people putting it in their signature. That said, ATM SF needs more threads to put the numbers up so to speak, so maybe Omni wont ban it yet.
[Image: Lj]
Omniscient became fed up with it at HF and did this. If people keep spamming Lockerz threads the same will happen here.

Why? Lockerz is a dumb scam.

If you want people to refer you put it in your signature.
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(10-10-2009, 11:46 AM)Vorfin Wrote: However I have no problem with people putting it in their signature.

Ahh yeah I forgot that.. it should be disallowed altogether including signatures.
Then I say no, I don't see how having it in a signature is bad. It's not like you are forced to click it. How is looking at a websites logo worse than looking at anyone signature picture?
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Lockerz is a piece of crap, I see this EVERYWHERE I go to.

I'm with this.
[Image: 6t0msl.jpg] This isn't annoying to you?

Anyway I don't really care about the signatures that much and it's up to Omni to decide, I just don't want any more of this spam.
If it is that big it is not allowed anyway. If it is the normal size of a signature, then it is ok IMO.
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I don't care about the links in signatures. There should be a rule about making threads on Lockerz.
Ya I say no threads but reasonable sigs are okay.

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