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Anyone watches WCC?
Just like the Subject says anyone watches WestCoastCustoms?
[Image: WestCoastCustoms.gif]
I Used To Watch It Maybe A Year Ago..
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I'll watch it if I happen to randomly come across it while roaming through channels, show is sick, lol.
I occassionaly watch those mechanic and body shop shows. But that's because I like reality TV more than I am a fan of the genre itself.
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I've never heard of west coast customs :O

gonna try it out, when i have time Smile
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Same here, when I'm flipping threw channels and it catches my eye I watch it for hours on end Tongue
I can never remember what shows are on what channels so I just constantly surf the channels until I find my show Smile
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I watched Pimp My Ride, when I was like 12. That I'm pretty sure featured the WCC team.
ive watched this before, but not in a long time.

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