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URL Redirection for affiliates
Hey Guys,

I need your help regarding my website.
As I have seen on all the affiliate websies what they are doing is... like a simple link of some product is posted on their website.


but when we click on this link the link that opens is

so what I exactly mean to say is that the affiliate id is getting adding automatically when the link opens... So they dont manyally have to provide the affiliate ids by editing the posts..

What exactly happening is they are opening the page by redirecting it through their own website.

let me explain it with another example :

Merchant sites : , , ,

for some merchants the affiliates works like adding &affid=32 at the end for some there are whole set of parameters like UID ,

like this : ?semp=eof&utm_source=aff-gdog&utm_medium=aff-gdog&utm_campaign=logo=aff=250214

So it automatically adds all these when the site is opened like this : = =

So basically based on the merchants name it is adding the affiliate links at the end or where ever required

So that they dont lose their earnings for even 1 sale...

Someone please help me with thing and tell me how to acheive this?


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