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MyBB Tabbed Menu issue - LanteGames™ - 11-02-2012

I am having issues with the plugin Tabbed Menu, made by Omni. I was upgrading MyBB from 1.6.7 to 1.6.8 today and backed up the forum as well as the database. I have read Omni's troubleshooting tips and also read the whole thread on MyBBCentral but nothing has helped me. I am not planning to post in the thread as the last post made there was in August, and not a single answer was given. I believe that the more active Support Forums is going to able to help me with this issue.

[Image: 839436225e46bbb63c2c02bf907d5588.png?1351860714]

As seen in the picture, the tabs do not appear properly as a result of the wrong CSS file being used. After checking the source using Google Chrome, I saw the tabs are using the global.css rather than Tabbed.css

I have read Omni's thread on MybbCentral and I have both re-installed the theme, as well as saving the properties and checking the templates.

The URL to the board is:
Note: the Board Message in blue has nothing to do with the tabs misbehaving.

RE: MyBB Tabbed Menu issue - MarkW7 - 11-03-2012

I can see it's now working. What was your fix?

RE: MyBB Tabbed Menu issue - Nickelodeon - 11-05-2012

Well, how did you actually fix this?