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why java - haphazard - 09-14-2011

this is just a 'poll' if why you use java and wut kind of applications you write with it

RE: why java - Pixеl - 09-18-2011

The reason I started learning Java was because I noticed there are plenty of games that use Java and it would not be a bad idea to learn. Minecraft got me hooked on coding. :p

RE: why java - haphazard - 09-19-2011

thats cool, I guess thats a legitimate reason to start. ive touched every language except java so I MUST give it a try
bttw we have/had the same avatar, I need to change mine

RE: why java - iRun - 09-29-2011

I started because I wanted to learn from a teacher, and not YouTube videos.

RE: why java - ChromeWolf - 10-05-2011

Java can be used as emulators, I play a game and private servers used Java as an emulator and I looked more into it Smile

RE: why java - John. - 10-05-2011

I use Java cause it's all over Operating Systems and Games mainly use it.

RE: why java - Purple Haze - 12-07-2011

I've used java for several things, one of the main reasons being to code clients for a video game called Minecraft.

RE: why java - Hex - 12-11-2011

I well i code java for games and and sometimes for websites that need java, java is a awesome language to code with and i enjoy it and always will.

RE: why java - RDCA - 12-12-2011

Tbh, there is no real reason to choose Java over other languages, unless it has to due with Minecraft. It is just like a more complex version of C#, and they both have dependencies. So imho java is just a worse c#. I try not to compare languages that much, but that is what I think. Every language has its own place and specialty. Like cobalt with DB's, for simplicity, cpp for fast and powerful dev, ect.