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A few ubuntu questions. - IllusionSlayer - 10-21-2009

I have been using ubuntu for about 6 months now and i have a few nagging questions in the back of my mind.

Is there a window manager that looks like a mac?
If not how can i make ubuntu look like a mac.
If so what is it.

What is the absolute fastest window manager. I have tried fluxbox and i have no problem with it other than not having internet setup (How would i do that?) I would like something a little bit more than fluxbox aswell...a desktop and not having everything on my right click perhaps.

RE: A few ubuntu questions. - ktmrider530 - 10-21-2009

Yes, it's called object dock. Look up a mac theme on

RE: A few ubuntu questions. - Gone - 10-22-2009

Avant Window Manager if think it is. And i never got Flux working either. Try using XFCE