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Happy St.Patricks Day! - Epicly - 03-17-2011

I'd like to say this right now and say St.Patrick's day, being well it's my birthday! I love the Irish name which I was given cause of St.Patrick's day! Also for you guys who wish me a good birthday I'd say it's going fine.
  • The original colour was actually blue!
  • Some Canadian Provinces have a festival in large citys.
  • The Chicago River is dyed green.
  • The official icon I'd say for St.Patrick's day is a 4 Leaf Clover.
  • Saint Patrick died on March 17, which is why this day is called it.
  • The holiday origins from Ireland.
  • The white house fountain is also dyed green for the day.
  • St.Patrick's Day has three names for the holiday
  • St.Patrick's Day
  • St.Patty's Day
  • And also St.Paddy's Day!

RE: Happy St.Patricks Day! - Peter L - 03-17-2011

Thanks for the fun tips haha

Happy bday

RE: Happy St.Patricks Day! - Untouch - 03-17-2011

St Patrick's day has been celebrated all day here in Northern Ireland, the real origin not Ireland! lol
In Downpatrick (town / city) is where it's celebrated the most in the world. Been big parades all day.
Although there has been controversy this year.
One of the party leaders carried an Irish flag in the parade. That caused many people to leave in protest.
There are argreements that only the St.Patricks flag should be used but Sinn Fein being scum disobeyed.

If your not from Northern Ireland you probaly wont understand why.
The republicans in Northern Ireland hate the loyalists and vise versa, they will never get along. That's why you always see British and Ulster flags in loyalist areas and the Irish flags in the republicans areas.

p.s. happy birthday. Smile

RE: Happy St.Patricks Day! - Epicly - 03-17-2011

(03-17-2011, 04:25 PM)Untouch Wrote: p.s. happy birthday. Smile

Tongue I'm not Irish nor from Ireland, I'd have to ask my friend's father for that. But I'm actually southern east asian, such as Chinese,Vietnamese,Thai and such.

RE: Happy St.Patricks Day! - GrammarPhreak - 03-17-2011

Thanks for these tips of the day.

P.S.: Happy Birthday.