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Full Version: [C++] Port Scanner [SOURCE CODE]
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This is a source code of a port scanner written in C++. It scans for open ports on your computer.

Compatibility with C++ (general) and Microsoft Visual C++.

Download link (source code):

All the credits go to mohammad mirshahi.

Enjoy. Smile
Thanks! I will test it out.
You should post a screenshot of it, so we can see how sexy the GUI is. ^.^
I was actually going to check this out...the link made me reluctant but I was nice and went ahead anyway until I saw it linked to You have to be joking, right? Post the source code in your post, no one wants to have to download it and waste their time so you can earn a few cents with your ads.

Edit: and it's not even yours. Yes, I see credit but what you're doing is pretty low, posting code others wrote so you can make money off your ad-ridden file host and adfly.
yeah i not download cause i cant do the servays. Can you post code here? is it module or does it have a GUI
Thanks for this, I guess this will help me learn a bit more.
Thanks for the code.
hmm i got some strange error.
Fixed it.. THanks
Thanks For the Code...I hope i can make my own Port Scanner!
useful, Thanks many =))
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