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Full Version: Do you have a cellphone?
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Do you have a cellphone? If you do, what model? I don't have one. =(
Yeah, I got a cellphone. Took me awhile to beg my parents for it, but I ended up getting one.
I have the samsung instinct.

[Image: samsung-instinct.jpg]
Yes, I do have a Mobile Phone.

Sony Ericsson C902 and Apple iPhone 3GS 32Gb.
Yes, now I have Nokia 3220 which I charge once every 2 weeks Smile
[Image: Nokia%2B3220.jpg]
On Monday I'm getting Nokia 5800XM
[Image: g1.jpg]

The first Google G1 Android HTC phone and I love it. I'm definitely getting another Droid phone.
Lg rumor2

[Image: sprint-lg-rumor2.jpg]
(05-22-2010, 12:06 PM)lunagron Wrote: [ -> ]Lg rumor2

[Image: sprint-lg-rumor2.jpg]

(05-22-2010, 12:42 PM)Lukas Wrote: [ -> ]This.
What is so great about it?
I have an LG Versa.
[Image: 33xx5b5.jpg]

You can take off the keyboard/cover if you want Thumbsup
Yes I do.

I currently have a MotoRokr, not a big fan of it though. I do get a new phone next month. I'm thinking either an iPhone, a Droid, or a Samsung Finesse.
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