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Full Version: Just bought another boat
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Well I just bought a boat got a great deal.
Its a 1979 chrysler tri hull with a 90hp Merc motor(the 6 cyl)
Its in great condition just needs to be buffed and have the seats cleaned.
But I am running into a problem.
The problem that I am having is that the lake that I live on candlewick-lake in IL has a hp limit of 75hp obviously my 90 horse is to much.
What I am looking to do is basically change the decals on the motor to state 70 but can't find any decals for that particular line of motors.

Would I be better of taking pictures and going to sign-a-rama or a place that can make vinyl decals to get it custom made or just have it sent from, a place that deals with them?
Well Im glad for your boat.Enjoy.
I love boats, and my dad did something like this once. You really don't enen need to take pictures of your engine, go to your local sticker shop, and have two 60hp stickers made, and just slap em on there, they don't need to cover the whole engine like the stock ones do, they just need to appear basically. Hope this helps a little.
Yeah as ktmrider said just find a local sticker shop have them make to decent looking 60-70hp stickers made peel the 90hp stickers off and slap the new one on.
How much was it ?
Good crap I wish I could buy a boat XP.
Enjoy WITH YOUR boat
Chrysler's are just for the way. I really enjoy riding on them, my dad has one of them. But legally I'm not old enough to drive it.
All I got from your post was that you got a new boat. Sorry, I'm not a mechanic type of person but gratz on the new boat have fun!
Nice find dude. I have an old 98 Mariah Shabah. Ski Boat. Next week I will own a 08 Malibu Ski Boat as well either that or 2 Sea doo wave runners.
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