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Full Version: Nuclear Weapons testing area. [please keep clear of the blast zone]
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LOL! I didn't expect these reactions though. Thanks for the comments. Big Grin

I was just testing if this forum has the plugins. :p
(10-08-2009, 08:41 AM)Skill Wrote: [ -> ]That's a nice theme you have Smile
what theme is it?
I'm using WindowsBlinds with the Molten XP theme plus this wallpaper:
Wow, i like the wallpaper and theme.. Fancy posting some download links please.
Will post up High Def walls probably tomorrow for you guys. Big Grin
Thank you.. Greatly appreciated.
Ha ha Nothing great
Thanks for the wallpaper. Gonna have to find the guy who made it and give him the proper credit Smile
The wallpaper was posted up in HF a while back, even the uploader didn't know who made those wallpapers. Tried looking at DA as well. :S
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