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* Jordan L. thinks the me command is cool.
* Jordan L. slaps Skill around a bit with a large trout.

God I love the / commands.
I don't get it... what is this? Looks like the kinda stuff that you do on an IRC, are you doing that yourself or are you actually typing /Command? I have no luck
/Command me Hate Life

* uber1337 is retarded for not realizing this
* Kharnage does this work?
* вαяσи™ agrees that the /me and /slap commands are too fun.
* Kharnage slaps money around a bit with a large trout.
* C4Vendetta think sthis is old.
* Danny owns DannysForum!
What's this? /me? /slap ? O.o
* TheLifelessOne slaps himself around a bit with a large trout.

Edit: Nevermind. :/
* Treblez is teh sheet
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