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Full Version: EZSQL The PHP Database Class
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That's one of my favorite database classes for php to use as a framework. It's actually similar to how mybb works.

That will simplify greatly any dynamic website you may build.
Ah thanks for the share Omni. If I'm not mistaken, you made an EZSql Plugin or something, didn't you?
Thank you, I'll check this out....
Since I have written something smiliar, this will come in handy to learn few techniques from!
That plugin was unrelated to this library.
Very nice share. I'm looking at it now.
Thank you very much. I'm deciding on making a new forum, I might actually use this.
thank's...very nice guide!!! Oui
Thanks Omni, I will try it out.
In their documentation, they say:
Quote:$db->escape() makes any string safe to use as a value in a query under all PHP conditions. I.E. if magic quotes are turned on or off. Note: Should not be used by itself to guard against SQL injection attacks. The purpose of this function is to stop accidental mal formed queries.

Now considering that EZSQL is supposed to be an abstraction layer to the actual database that is used, how would you recommend you go about preventing SQL injection considering that mysql_real_escape_string implies that it will only work when you are using a MySQL database, and not another kind of SQL database?
Ah thanks for the share Omni.
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