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Full Version: Drifting
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I love to drift on my Supra-7(A Rx7 with a transplant 2jzgte engine)...I started on a FWD honda civic which was too dumb..
Drifting in snow, is very dangerous lol

I have an oldshcool car, (omega 73) and it is a big change from my corsica lol

It is rear wheel drive so I can do true "drifting" instead of the semi drift with the front wheel drive (corsica)

With the fwd car I was able to do an alright drift by picking up speed to around 60 mph then handbreak into the opposite lane in a U turn, however with everything being up front in the car you would always overclear it, in the rwd car tho I ended up blowing the transmission and breaking the final drive, NO control in a rwd...

And this was with perfect conditions, if I did that in snow id be dead
i love it, always loved and always will love drifting
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