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Full Version: Am I really the only one?
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Am I really the only one?

I don't know where to start actually ...

I will just start from the beginning of my life and explain it as easily as possible

At the age of 3 I was placed in a foster home because my biological mother was addicted to heroin and I don't know my biological father.
Then at the age of 6 I was placed in a different family, at the age of 15 they arrested me in an institution / rehab center until I was 18
And at the age of 18 they threw my outside and suddenly I was standing on the street ...
Since then I have ended up in the wrong environment and have been in it for 7 years.
And in all this time I have never had the feeling that anyone could understand me.
I barely spoke those times about how I felt etc ...
now it is finally about 5 years better, but I will never fully understand, and feel better if everything will be fine but I try to apricize the little things etc.
now what I have been wondering all these years and still are, there may still be people here with something that had rare background, and how are they doing now and perhaps some tips?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my text!



Hi mate,
You sounds like a smart guy, but environment smashed you down, and you're trying to be happy again.
Sad story happened to me, and I got over it,
No one can help but you,
Sit with yourself, write that things you think that you should do, and start once you're ready.
One more thing that gave me happiness, is my ability to love the people around me again, by giving a little bit everytime, forcing yourself to love, try it for few hours and it might change you, you won't lose anything if you give it a try.

You sounds like a strong person, trust in yourself, and you can do it