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Full Version: I'm all alone now.
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I don't think context won't matter anymore.
I endured this flummery shenanigan for over two years now, and to the point I feel worn out now.

I don't really know what to do next. My parents left my siblings and I for ourselves, with my father with his generosity and courtesy sends money only for educational purposes. My brother already left for he already had a job, and with my younger siblings siding with my mother.
Here I am. In my stinking dormitory, left for nothing but horrible memories, and stock-knowledge from senior high.
I'm always an accessory to my friends, not once I became something important or did something important. The last appropriate thing that I'll do to anyone is just to disappear. They were always better off without me.
Got no friends, they either left, or I already went as of the conditions that I carry to them as a burden.

I wanted to be a Bedouin, but I don't have much money nor the capability to travel. I'm stuck in a stupid 3rd world country until I graduate college.

All I could do is just lock myself in my room, play crap games, look at stale memes. I don't really don't know what to do.
Anyone had an idea besides me slowly seeping my spirit through cracks of rocks and lime? (Please, don't recommend yoga or putting remedies and other witch-doctor kind of healing; I already do body maintenance at some point when I don't feel as weak)

I'm already so worn out.
(edit: close this thread, it's dead. this forum section is dead)