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Full Version: iphone 4 32gig heating when bat is attached
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I have an iphone 4 32gig that was droped into water by a friend of mine I bought it off her I hopes to fix overheats when the battery is attached everything works flawlessly but the heating / battery drain ... it drains the battery to a deep discharge to where if you put it on charge it just boots to apple logo and off and on to apple logo ect. but if I charge the battery in another phone for a few minutes then put into the 32gig it starts charging and will charge to 100% ok here is another thing if I fire up the phone then let it start to heat hook it to a charger and disconnect the battery it doesn't heat at all....could someone help me with what ic might have been damaged ? I cant find any leakage under the metal plates on the board so it has me stumped
need to add that when the unit is powered down it still drains the battery