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Full Version: Strobe Lights
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Strobe lights emit a series of bright flashes in different speed intervals using a Xenon flash bulb. Strobe lights are often seen and used in dance clubs and venues to produce the illusion of slow motion. Strobe lights are also used in alarm systems. In theater settings, these lights imitate lightning, periodically creating quick flashes of light. The interval speed of the flashes is adjustable to create different lighting effects as needed. Strobe lights are flashing lights. They are often used in nightclubs, at concerts and at parties. The strobe light can flash quickly or slowly, depending on the desired effect. Multiple strobe lights can create a disorienting feeling for the audience and make it look like there are gaps in time. Strobe lights come in a variety of colors, but are predominately white. Strobe lights are widely appreciated in both scientific and industrial applications. They draw instant attention to emergency vehicles on the road, create effects akin to lightning in theaters and create an illusion of slow motion in nightclubs. The process of installing strobe lights, whether on a vehicle or in a building, is straightforward, mainly requiring a little concentration and a few materials provided by the strobe light manufacturer.

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