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Full Version: Help with Squeaky noise from front end???
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we have a 2002 mercury cougar. when ever we make a right turn there is a squeaky noise like an old bed or a creeky old boat or something. it only happens when turning to the right while moving. in the video link below I am driving in my apartment complex over speed bumps but at around 8 seconds and 20 seconds you can hear it.
when looking around online I see a lot about ball joints. does the sound in the video seem to be the squeak of a ball joint? it only happens when we are turning hard right. ?????
Just an educated guess; probably your front left bushings.
That's usually one of the symptoms of a bad wheel bearing. To inspect the wheel bearing, simple grasp the tyre at the top and bottom and rock it. If there's any sort of play or excessive movement, you will need to have the wheel bearing replaced.