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Full Version: User register page
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Hi new to site I hope someone can help me with this.

I am having a issue with new members creating account. My user can access the register page and enter all the required fields, but when they submit "Create account" the page simply refreshes with all the fields remaining except password.

Unfortunately I built this site on wordpress using buddypress and cant locate anyone to help me with this problem. I have narrowed it down to a theme issue. But cannot figure out what line is causing the error. These lines concern me:

PHP Code:
<?php if ( 'registration-disabled' == bp_get_current_signup_step() ) : ?>
                <?php do_action'template_notices' ?>
                <?php do_action'bp_before_registration_disabled' ?>

                    <p><?php _e'User registration is currently not allowed.''cc' ); ?></p>

                <?php do_action'bp_after_registration_disabled' ); ?>

Im not sure if this is what is causing the error, Could someone pleeeeeeeeease help site has been down a whole week due to this.