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Full Version: TV or Projector?
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Projectors are indeed awesome as long as you have a nice one, they're more pricey though but worth it if you have the space + budget IMO.

Avoid the crappy projectors though, yeah they're more affordable but not worth it for serious use. I would only opt for an inferior one if you were planning on occasionally using one but not for daily usage.
tv is best choice. Even i also have tv.
In my opinion,TV is more look good than projector.
I have both, however, I find my projector to be more convenient for my lifestyle. I have my PS3, Xbox, DVD, surround sound, home computer, and even the feed from my home surveillance. I guess all can be done with the tv also, but IMO it just looks better on 120in as opposed to 40. Also great for the kids video games and as stated before, it's portable.
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