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Full Version: How many cats is too much?
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I currently have 4 cats, and my parents are talking about getting another kitten, so my question is, how many cats does it take to be the crazy people on the block that have a bunch of cats hanging around in their yard?
When you have more cats than anyone else on the block, then you are officially "that crazy cat person". Because as long as there are people with an equal or more amount, you can't be the only crazy one.

Dont think that makes sense though lol.
I would say anything more than 2 is a bit to much. That's just me though :p
Having 12 is way too much in my opinion. Smile
I bet the house smells like a litterbox and is infested with gnats. I don't recommend having 12 cats unless you're really really lonely.. o.o;
If you have more then 1 cat and you live in an apartment Ohmy
More then 6 would be too many, unless you are rescuing them or one had kittens.
Only one cat is enough. two or more is too much
How many cats is too much?

You can never have too many cats. :3
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