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Full Version: car battery query
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ive got a rover 25 and the battery was dead transfered battery from old car into rover 25

old battery was a 50 ah
new battery is a 42ah

now my car is having a few electircal problems like cutting out on the motorway...

could this be linked to the battry no being strong enough?

or have i destroyed my electrics with this battery?
Since most vehicles run on a 12 volt system i doubt you fried your electronic circuits with said battery.

Although it may be different in sizes in all 3 dimensions, the only major difference between the two would be charge capacity.

Small cars like honda civics dont need full size truck batteries because they dont require the same amount of juice as say a dodge 2500.

Id recommend getting a duralast if youre going for a cheap battery. Otherwise swipe you up an optima red top