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Full Version: somebody rearended me yesterday night
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Hi, im new here, just made an account. somebody rearended me yesterday. i was making a left turn in a place that i was legally allowed to, and someone rear ended me. i suspected they were drinking because of slurred speech, so i got there license plate and phone number. i took some pictures, but was more interested in making sure everyone was okay and trying to call 911. he wanted to swap insurance info, but i said to wait for the police to file an official complaint. after 15-20 minutes he just drove off! the police came and made a report and I am just scared and confused as to if i did the right thing or not. i did contact the insurance and all as well. this makes driving seem so freaky. Huh

i wasn't making the left turn, i just had my signal on and was waiting for the traffic on the other side to clear*
I am also new here, but I am sorry to hear that you got rear ended.