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Full Version: Suggestions for my car (Color and exterior mods)
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Ok so look, I have a TEAL '98 Mercedes-Benz SLK230, it's a supercharged 4 cylinder hard-top convertible and it has a yellow left mirror.. I wanted to see what people would think I should do to it; What would look sick?

I want to paint the car black or maroon, and put some widebody fenders on it but I need other people's opinion.. Thoughts?
I would paint it black, and make the rims white, but a "vanilla" white, and "shade" that vanilla color with white.
Can we have some pictures of your car so we can better understand?
Yeah I agree.
I was going to ask for pictures.
I don't really visual good otherwise.
This is the exact color and everything, but this specific picture is not mine..

[Image: 2569ysz.jpg]
Paint job will be around 2-3k for a okay one.
I would use that money for mods.

Seems like you only care about cosmetics so you could do:
-aftermarket grille
-coilovers/lowering springs
-new rims
-i would definetly get new head lights

ive never seen a body kit on this car before so idk.
Ring the paint colors guy they get so busy e-mails tend to get done when they have time they really were very helpful on the V11 colors too..
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