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Full Version: How many animals do you have
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I have two cats and two dogs. How many do you have?
The same as you Tongue

Two cats and two dogs.
I had one dog and a parrot.

Both died =(
(03-30-2012, 11:34 AM)Kewlz Wrote: [ -> ]I had one dog and a parrot.

Both died =(

It sucks to have a pet you love die Sad

It was a hard time for me when one of my dogs died Sad
To tell the truth one of the Cat's ate my Parrot. :/

My dog was killed by government dog catchers or whatever they are because it did not have a tag on him.

They gave him sweet to eat, it was poisoned because they thought that dog was wild. :/
I have three cats right now, I used to have five but the kittens died, as did one of the cat's brothers, and we just don't want to get any more after that.
I have four boring fish. I hate them. >Sad
1 Dog Currently
I'm maybe getting 2 More Dogs Today Or Tomorrow =d:
None but I always thought the idea of having a pet would be cool.
I have one pet rat. He is my beast!
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