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Full Version: Ricers, You Have To Love 'Em
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How to embarrass yourself.

Quote:he tore the track up alright... with pieces of his bodykit

Bah 19 seconds. Man i could almost beat that on a push bike.
Thats insanely slow. Being a V8 man and a lover of bikes i simply shake my head.
I've got a full sized truck that would beat that. ha ha. Damink... Havent seen that name in over a year. ha. It's good to be back...
lol i remember my first time driving stick
Man, that car was a mess. Rims didn't match, weren't the same, nothing in general was decent.
This is a a piece of crap!
My old moped could've beat that, so lazy.......
Another thing, that smoke looks blue, which would be oil being burned lol.
Oh god, that is possibly the slowest drag racer i have ever seenTongue
It is probably the weakest car at that stage.
A 57' Trabant is faster than this crap. Lol.
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